Top tips for managing therapy online

April 18, 2020
By Kindred
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This period has been challenging – there’s no doubt about it. 

Our children have been asked to throw out their usual routines, stay close to home, not play in playgrounds or out of school activities. 

It is a time of change for our children and for us as we navigate through it.

There is so much we can continue to do. 

Progress and therapy do not need to stop for our children.  

Most therapists and educators are transitioning to deliver their services online. 

Therapy online (also referred to as ‘Telehealth’) is a practice used across the globe for many years. There is evidence to support the effectiveness of this approach. 

Wondering how therapy online could work for your child?

We spoke to parents about how they transitioned their kids’ therapy to an online format, what they learnt, and what they would share with others. 

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