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Kindred is an independent, not-for-profit peer support organisation for families of children with disability, developmental delays and medical needs. We help families to navigate complex disability systems and services and build the skills, knowledge and confidence that will see their children and family thrive. Our peer groups and programs, trusted resources, and supportive community are online and free. Kindred is passionate about all children and families living their best lives and discovering a future full of possibility.⁠

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Parenting a child with disability or developmental delay can feel overwhelming. Our trained Peer Workers can help you to navigate the various systems and services, understand your child's disability and provide guidance in accessing community and mainstream supports.

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We know that connecting with like-minded parents and caregivers can change everything. We provide opportunities for families to come together for support and to share and learn from each other. Our peer groups are delivered online and are a safe and inclusive space.

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Our online programs, workshops and webinars are based on best practice, evidence-based approaches. We believe in empowering families, so they are equipped to navigate systems and have the skills needed for self-advocacy.

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Drawn from the lived experiences of our team and families, our practical tip sheets and resources can assist you in making informed choices. The stories shared by parents and people with disability can help you to feel more positive and hopeful for your child and family’s future.

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No family should start their journey alone

Help us reach families navigating a new disability diagnosis for their child.


A word from our community

“This is my protected timeslot. It is saved in my calendar and my partner knows that this is a non-negotiable for me. I have learnt so much from everyone in the group and I love being able to share and help other parents.” 

I just wanted to thankyou for what you are doing. It was wonderful to come across a page that is so positive! I get so overwhelmed and depressed with so many groups but this one has really helped and encouraged me. Thank you.

Kindred’s workshops have been practical and specific. The fact that the team are all parents with a disabled child themselves makes them a unique organisation. They create a culture of acceptance and acknowledgement, by sharing their experience with disability and valuing ours. It’s this sense of community that has helped me normalise and acknowledge the challenges. They are knowledgeable and connected and have helped connect me with other services.

My experience with Kindred has been AMAZING! When my children were diagnosed it was very much a “what now?” response. All of the therapies targeted them, but I knew that I was a huge part of their life so why wasn’t there any help/training/advice for ME? Like if I was able to do MY best then how much better could they be?! Kindred was that for me.

Kindred provides a much-needed source of positive parenting information and community support for special needs families. I highly recommend this invaluable service.

Connecting with Kindred and the wonderful empowering programs they run, and resources has been life changing for our family.

Kindred has provided the platforms to challenge old thoughts, tackle and create new ones! Thank you.

Kindred has created an essential community for parents and carers. The team at Kindred have created a village for families walking a similar path. Some are a little further along than others and some are deep in the trenches just be starting to navigate their way.  But although every family’s path is different, we are all walking together in solidarity. This community creates strength & moves us forward with hope. When we have the right support, anything is possible.

I love being able to learn off other parents. I equally, if not slightly more, love being able to help other parents. It feels so good to be connected to a community – to MY community – through Kindred. I’ve had chat conversations with strangers for an hour who I’ve helped solve problems with, and vice versa. It’s such a crucial network for our well-being as parents and when we feel in control and informed them, we can support our kids to the best of our abilities.

Feeling connected with other like-minded & supportive other parents who are living similar (never the same) experiences, is empowering and comforting – I no longer feel alone – Thank you Kindred for assisting me to feel engaged & connected.  Since becoming a member of the Kindred family, I have been able to improve my skills as a parent of a child with a disability and strengthen my attitude to be a ‘can-do’ motivated & confident parent!

All the information that is provided is valued and I can become a bigger advocate for both of boys who have disabilities but also a more confident and stronger advocate for the disability community.

Kindred is a trusted and safe place to access invaluable information and support to help our family thrive.

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