Navigating The Ndis

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This series will empower you to make informed choices, overcome any challenges and help you make the most of your plan to support your child’s development. From applying, to understanding and managing your child's funding. Designed for parents and caregivers raising a child with disability, 0 - 8 years old, either with or without a formal diagnosis. Including those already with a plan, as well as for families who have not yet accessed the NDIS. There will be opportunities to learn from NDIS professionals and experienced parents.

Series Overview

Session 1: Applying for the NDIS

Gain valuable insights from an experienced Early Childhood Partner as they cover the key topics of eligibility, the application process, essential preparation steps, and alternative pathways to support for those who may not meet the eligibility criteria.

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Session 2: Preparing for the NDIS Meeting

Learn valuable tips from a knowledgeable Support Coordinator and experienced parent. The session will cover organising reports, assessments, quotes, information that parents can prepare, goal-setting and supports that can assist you in the preparation process.

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Session 3: What to Expect in the NDIS Planning Meeting

Hear from an Early Childhood Partner and experienced parent. They’ll provide helpful guidance on effectively preparing for the day of your NDIS meeting, what to expect during the meeting, who should attend and equipping you with strategies for after it’s over.

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Session 4: Understanding Your Plan

Join this session to gain important insights from a plan manager. They’ll delve into topics such as understanding the different plan budgets, assistive technology and consumables, using the ‘Can I buy it?’ checklist, and key functions of the portal and NDIS App.

Register: Thu 28 Sep, 11:00 am AEST

Session 5: Using and Managing Your Child’s NDIS Plan

Join us and hear from two experienced parents who will share their insights on determining the appropriate supports for working towards goals, managing budgets and record-keeping, running out of funds and exploring creative approaches to maximise your child's funding.

Register: Thu 12 Oct, 11:00 am AEDT

Session 6: What To Do if You’re Not Happy With the Plan

Hear from two parents whose circumstances changed significantly or who did not receive enough funding to meet their child’s needs. They will share their experiences of requesting a review of their child’s plan, navigating through the review process and the steps they took to ensure a more favourable outcome.

Register: Thu 26 Oct, 11:00 am AEDT

Session 7: Transition from Early Childhood Approach to LAC Partner

When a child turns 9 years old, they transition from the early childhood approach to a local area coordination (LAC) partner. There are differences in the planning process, funding and support available. Join this session to hear from a LAC partner and experienced parent about how to prepare for the transition and what to ask for.

Register: Thu 9 Nov, 11:00 am AEDT

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