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Volunteers are at the heart of our organisation, and together make Kindred a better, more supportive and inclusive space.

Our free programs, resources and supports for families raising children with disability, delay or medical needs, would not be possible without the support of our volunteers. Over the last 12 months, 64 parents, carers and people with disability, contributed to our work, by volunteering their time, and sharing their lived experience with us.


We are seeking parents and caregivers to support our work. There are various opportunities, based on your skills, experience and availability, and include volunteer and some paid (gift card) opportunities, including:

  • Speaking at a Kindred online workshop, webinar, or peer group
  • Sharing your story with us as part of a Kindred booklet, article, website or social media
  • Speaking at a Kindred online workshop, webinar, or peer group
  • Providing your feedback, tips or advice for a Kindred program or resource
  • Attending a virtual focus group
  • Sharing Kindred’s programs and events within your social media networks

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Why Volunteer With Us 

  • Become part of a community dedicated to supporting children and families thrive
  • Help us make a difference and inspire positive social change
  • Gain experience in the not-for-profit space
  • Contribute virtually and flexibility around the the needs of your child and family
  • If you are not currently working, this opportunity may be a way to build your confidence whilst you develop your skills, and act as a stepping stone to re-enter the workforce
  • Strengthen your resume and experience


What Guides Us 

We have a core set of values that informs our work. Our guiding principles promote inclusion and belonging, strengths-based and evidence-informed approaches, the rights and dignity of all people, the capability of all children, and the belief that families are capable and have the right to self-determination. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can volunteer?

Parents, caregivers or family members of children with disability or delays and medical needs. 

Your child could be in the early years or adulthood.  What’s most important to us, is that you share our values.

How much time do I have to give?

Most of the volunteer activities are single opportunities. For example, you might join a focus group or attend a MyTime peer group as a parent speaker. You could volunteer once or several times, which is up to you based on your availability.

What skills and experience do I need?

You have knowledge and wisdom which comes with lived experience of parenting a child with disability; it’s this experience that you are drawing upon as a volunteer.

Kindred will offer support to help you share your experiences and work with you to ensure you are comfortable.

I have a special skill to offer - can I volunteer too?

Absolutely! From time to time, people come forward to offer their professional skills or expertise to support our cause. In the past, we have benefited from the pro-bono help of web writers, lawyers, marketers, business analysts, dietitians, video producers, fundraisers, trainers and facilitators to name. If you have a particular skill or expertise and want to volunteer, get in touch with Stacey Touma, CEO at stacey@kindred.org.au.

I’ve expressed my interest in a volunteer opportunity, what happens next?

As opportunities arise (usually several times per term), we email our Contributor’s database to see who is interested so that you can self-select based on the opportunity and your availability. Sometimes, we will reach out to specific Volunteers if they’ve indicated an area of interest that suits the opportunity. 

You are also welcome to reach out to us at any time – our contact details are in the email you will receive after completing the Volunteer Expression of Interest form.

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