The Good Life: Fundamentals

Whilst what constitutes what the good life means to us, is as unique as we are. There are some essentials that are shared by each and every Australian. We all want to be included and understood, have a purpose, feel secure, experience a sense of belonging, freedom, joy and love. Find out more about some of these building blocks.

Family, Friendships and Relationships


Experiencing love and a sense of belonging can come from all aspects of life.

  • Family or support networks
  • Friendships from early childhood through to adulthood
  • Forging loving relationships
  • Creating a family unit of your own


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A life of learning starts with being welcomed and included at school. Growing and developing alongside children from your local community.

School is about meeting new friends and mastering new skills. Where you are supported, based on your needs. And encouraged to reach your full potential.

It is the first step in choosing what to explore and pursue in your future, considering your interests and goals.

A Place to Call Home

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Home is much more than simply a roof over your head. It’s your personal sanctuary. Living alone, or with friends or family. Providing a sense of comfort, security and safety.

Your home is a canvas to express your own personal tastes. Surrounding yourself with the things that are important to you.

Home is the cornerstone for connecting with people in your local community.

A Job or Valued Role


Whether you have your own business, volunteer or are employed.

Being productive and adding value to a company or community, brings purpose and meaning to your life.

When your strengths and interests align in your job or role. You can fill your days doing something that you love. Which can also help to build your confidence and independence.

Hobbies and Passions


Creating, playing, escaping, expressing or exploring. Hobbies help to bring both balance and joy to your life.

Whether its a sport, an artistic pursuit, a mental challenge or a keen interest in a topic.

Spending your free time doing something which brings you happiness, can also connect you with likeminded people who share your passion.

Health and Wellbeing


Investing in your health, is a form of self care, and helps to effectively relive stress.

Whilst prioritising your wellbeing can help to bulid your resilience.

Importantly, your health is maintained when you have access to high-quality supports and the right services.

Being Part of a Community


Community is much more than just sharing a postcode, it is about sharing a sense of belonging. And the feeling of connection that comes with being ‘part of something’.

  • Being known and valued in your neighbourhood
  • Involved in local events and activities
  • Membership to a sporting club or team
  • Practising your faith or religion
  • Celebrating your identity or culture


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