The Good Life: Marlena


“Who said the sky is the limit ….. there are footprints on the moon, right?” – Marlena Katene

This is the quote that I live by. Having a disability, sometimes other people place limitations on your life. There are no limits when we have a community of people around us. ⁠

A good life is about being known, wanted and loved by a variety of people. Having options and control over one’s future. A good life is being in the driver’s seat of your life but having a solid team of people to assist should this be required. It is about being part of a community where you can give back and graciously take from it without feeling like a charity case. ⁠

Some of my goals include finding a partner (and perhaps having a child), purchasing another house as an investment, author more books, and travel some more. These things are work in progress but my number one priority is maintaining community links and a positive group of people around me. My future is good as long as I have friends. ⁠

You can find out more about Music Journalist, Published Author, Business Owner and Skydive Enthusiast Marlena Katene’s good life here.

In our social media series #StoriesOfTheGoodLife we explore what a good life means for people with disability. People from all walks of life, living rich, full and meaningful lives on their own terms.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.    


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