The Good Life – Making Your Vision a Reality

August 29, 2022
By Kindred

Making your Vision a Reality

Bridget Kelly is an emerging Sydney based artist. Since she was a tween, art-making has been an ongoing passion and a powerful form of communication for Bridget. In 2018, Bridget won the Emerging Artist Prize in the Blooming Arts Exhibition and recently graduated from the Sydney University audit program within Uni2Beyond, where she furthered her visual arts education.

Hear from Kate McNamara, mother of Bridget and Chair of the Kindred Board, on how she:

  • Developed a vision for Bridget when she was a child and how it influenced decision-making
  • Nurtured Bridget’s childhood interest in art into a business
  • Self-manages Bridget’s NDIS plan to provide flexibility
  • Built a community of support around Bridget

A good life for people with disability is the same as any other Australian. Being included and understood, having a purpose, feeling secure, experiencing a sense of belonging, freedom, joy and love. 

Having a clear understanding of what makes a good life is the first step in creating a vision for your child’s future.⁠ An inspiring vision, rich with possibilities, brings hope. And by charting your course against this vision, you can make the life you dream of for your child, a reality. 

In The Good Life series, you will hear from parents of adult children with disability, who will reflect on the early years and the steps they took to build a good life for their child and family.

Listen to the audio version below.


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