The Good Life – A Panel Event

July 7, 2022
By Kindred

A good life for children with disability is the same as any other child’s: being included and understood, having a purpose, feeling secure, and experiencing a sense of belonging, joy, love and freedom. A clear understanding of what makes a Good Life is the first step in creating a vision for your child’s future.

Hear from our panelists and listen to them discuss:
~ What is The Good Life?
~ How parents and family can inspire a vision for their child to see them flourish and be included in all areas of life.
~ Learn as parents how you can be a positive support and encourage your child to reach their full potential
~ How to encourage connection, friendships, relationships and create community and how this can lead to the Good Life.

You will hear from a Father who tells us about how he is helping create the Good Life for his daughters. From a sibling about how her role is encouraging her brother with disability to live the Good Life.
We will also hear from two young women with disability about their lives and how their Mums and families helped them live a life full of possibilities and hope.

Listen to the audio version below.


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