Making your vision a reality | Kate McNamara

September 11, 2021
Advocacy and Leadership
By Kindred

Not having a vision for your child is like going for a drive without a destination. By identifying her daughter Bridget’s strengths and self-managing NDIS planning, Kate McNamara set a path for great outcomes.

Kate has extensive experience in the community services sector and began her focus on disability in 1997. She specialises in behaviour management training and is Chair of the Board at Kindred.

Self-managing Bridget’s NDIS plan enabled Kate to achieve positive outcomes for her daughter and herself. By employing community connections, Kate assembled a small team of support workers beyond disability professionals, which gave her some free time. She hired a local hall and created a music club to encourage Bridget’s love for singing, build social and communication skills, and become independent. As a club manager, Bridget opens and sets up the venue for her friends.

Bridget’s interest in art led to lessons and mentorship at an art college, where she learned screen printing. Her hobby has grown into a business selling artwork and greeting cards.

Kate was a presenter at our 4th Annual Family Conference. Watch the video and learn how she self manages NDIS planning to enable strategies and support for Bridget to live her best life.

The Family Conference was hosted by Plumtree, Kindred and Now & Next. It brings together families of children with disabilities and their allies. The presentations aim to inspire, educate and empower families in building a good life. The conference also celebrates people with a disability who are making a difference in their community.


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