Building Your Confidence – How Your Child’s Therapist Can Help

June 23, 2024
By Kindred

Therapists aren’t just there for your child – they’re there to empower you too. They understand that parents are important partners in a child’s development, and they can equip you with the knowledge and skills to support your child.

Here are some ways that a therapist can help you:

Become Hands-on

What you do with your child outside of the therapy session can make the biggest difference. Ask your therapist to give you tips on what ideas or activities to try at home.

Track Progress and Set Goals

Schedule regular check-ins with your therapist to discuss your child’s progress. These sessions are the perfect opportunity to reflect on what’s going well that you can build on, discuss any challenges, brainstorm strategies together and work together to set goals.

Education and Understanding

Therapists can provide you with valuable information and tools to better understand your child’s needs and how to support them.

Collaborative Problem-solving

Therapists can work with you to identify and address specific issues your child or family may be facing, and help you develop strategies to overcome them.

Offering Resources and Referrals

Therapists can connect you with helpful resources and referrals to other professionals, services or community activities that may further support your child’s development.

Navigate Daily Challenges 

Seek tips from your therapist on how to confidently manage daily routines and overcome some of the tricky things you and your child are facing in the day-to day.

Learn Through Workshops

Many therapists offer workshops or information sessions on topics like communication, school transitions, behaviour management, and specific aspects of your child’s disability.

Therapists are a valuable resource for the whole family. By working together, you can build your confidence and create a strong support system for your child’s success.


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