Creating an ‘All About Me’ page

March 7, 2022
Childcare and Preschool
By Kindred

All About Me

What is an ‘All About Me’ page

An All About Me page is a document you can create that introduces your child and provides information about them.

Usually a one-page document, the purpose of an All About Me page is to communicate the positives about your child and their identity, rather than simply their diagnosis. The page can include information about your child’s abilities and interests, as well as strategies and tips for how best to support and communicate with your child. 

Your child’s All About Me Page can be shared with teachers, health professionals, therapists, and any other people you introduce your child to.  

All About Me pages are a valuable way to share information about your child that shifts the focus to their strengths.

Why use an All About Me page? 

An All About Me page shows health professionals, teachers and anyone working with your child their personality, the things your child does well and enjoys, as well as helpful ways to support your child’s needs. 

  • Settle your child into new environments.
  • Help them to be understood.
  • Assist in building connections with other children. 

Instead of focusing solely on their limitations, All About Me pages allow us to celebrate our children’s strengths, talents, and achievements. By highlighting their abilities and positive attributes, we can help others see our children in a more positive light and appreciate their individuality.

Essentially, All About Me pages are a balanced way to share information about our children. They really are a blueprint for a successful relationship.

How to create an All About Me page

Use a template

A great way to create an All About Me page is to use a template. Please see below for a template created by Kindred.

The content can be edited so you can create different All About Me pages for different environments, such as when moving from daycare to school.

Create your own from scratch

You could use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Canva. Some families like to get creative and write them up on a piece of paper, then get their children to add colour and pictures themselves. It’s totally up to you.

Have a clear format

When families create All About Me pages, they typically use headings to organise the information, with bullet points to make it easy to read. 

Some examples of headings that families often use to start their child’s All About Me pages are:

  • Some words used to describe me are… 
  • Some things I’m passionate about are…
  • This year I hope to learn…

You can choose whatever headings you like- the idea is to tailor the page and the bullet points to suit your child and the audience, whether it is daycare, school, therapy or other settings. 

The bullet points you put under the headings will be totally individual and specific to your child. You can include any information you want under these prompts.

Always lead with a positive

However you choose to format it, the key to a great All About Me page is to start positively and highlight what your child CAN do. That is, focus on your child’s abilities, knowledge and capabilities first. An example of this could be the headings:

  • My special skills are…
  • Some things I can do that I’m really proud of are…

You can then address the areas where your child might need extra help, and note any important things for your child to avoid, using headings such as:

  • Things that don’t work for me are…
  • Things to avoid are…

From there, you can follow with more practical concerns such as communication, self-care and mobility needs. For example:

  • I communicate best via…
  • My classroom accommodations are…

How to use an All About Me page

In Education

All About Me pages are a particularly useful tool at daycare, preschool and school. This is where the page can be used to:

  • Set up bonds with other children and initiate play 
  • Communicate with the teacher how best to engage with your child. 
  • Assist with goal setting at Individualised Education Plan (IEP) meetings. 
  • Help relief teachers, educators and support staff quickly understand your child’s needs. 

Some helpful headings to use in the education setting could be:

  • I learn best when…
  • My strengths are…
  • My goals for the year…
  • I work well when…

For planning activities and support workers

An All About Me page is fantastic for your child’s planned activities, like after-school care, vacation or sporting programs, or time with a support worker. The page can help:

  • Highlight to carers how best to engage and have fun with your child.
  • Immediately communicate your child’s preferences.
  • Flag any sensory or safety considerations, for example, if your child is sensitive to noise.

A few suggested headings could be: 

  • What Works for Me…
  • I am motivated by…
  • Things I love…

With Health Professionals

In the healthcare setting, an All About Me page is an invaluable tool that:

  • You can email doctors and specialists in advance to make the most of your full appointment time.
  • Allows for healthcare workers to understand and communicate appropriately with your child.
  • Highlights details about your child’s interests and personality that assists healthcare workers to make your child more comfortable.

Some excellent headings to use for healthcare are:

  • I am sensitive to…
  • I really like…
  • I dislike…

All About Me pages are flexible

As your child grows and evolves, so can your All About Me page. You can update it to reflect your child’s changing abilities, interests and needs. 

Depending on your preferences, you can choose to keep it as a single page or expand it to multiple pages with more comprehensive information. The flexibility of the All About Me page allows it to be adapted to your child’s development and circumstances over time. 

The key is simple: to include information that is accurate and reflective of your child’s needs and personality.

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