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March 7, 2022
Advocacy and Leadership
By Kindred

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Why we’re all about All About Me pages (and how to create yours) 

All About Me pages shift the deficit focus and highlight the essence of our awesome kids. 

When new professionals come into our lives, the focus tends to be on the things our children can’t do (yet). But we all know that isn’t the full story. And it doesn’t do justice to our awesome kids! 

So how do we shift that deficit focus? It’s really all about All About Me pages. 

Why we’re all about All About Me pages 

All About Me pages highlight what we like to think of as the essence of our children.  

It shows health professionals, teachers and caregivers, our kids’ amazing personalities, the things they do well and the things they enjoy.  

All About Me pages are really a balanced way to share information about our children. In a way, they are a blueprint for a successful relationship. 

Creating your All About Me pages 

A good time to start creating your first All About Me pages is when preschool comes into the picture.  

Often, this is the first time our kids will be away from the family, so a snapshot of typed info can be a huge help to new caregivers.  

First up, focus on what your child CAN do. Then cover the areas where they might need some extra help, and the things to avoid, where possible.  

They can include a practical component about how to support your child in areas like communication, self-care and mobility. 

You can also share things they like doing, as well as things that motivate them.  

While it’s good to tailor the information to the audience, we’d almost always include your NDIS goals. 

All about Me pages will grow with your child 

Our first All About Me pages should cover off the information that set our kids up for success. They can help them settle into new environments, to be understood by educators, and build connections with other children. 

Naturally though, your All About Me pages will grow with your child, as they develop new interests and skills.  

Further down the track, you might have a few different versions, depending on the audience. Some might be short and sweet, while others are more detailed.  

Don’t feel like you need to do lots of versions all at once, they’ll evolve on their own! 

All About Me pages for school  

In the lead up to big school, we suggest tailoring your All About Me Pages to really focus on strengths and achievements.  

We’re talking about the really important stuff, like what gives your child joy, what motivates them, and what they’re really good at.  

This is the information that will help create bonds, start conversations, initiate play, and engage our kids in activities. It is such a great resource for teachers, support staff, and relief workers. 

Also include ways that your child learns best, what doesn’t work for them, ways to help any other information that help educators get the best out of your child. 

All About Me pages for planned activities and support workers 

You can use a more simplified version of the All About Me pages for when your child meets new people through planned activities, like after school care, vacation or sporting programs, or time with a support worker. 

While it’s always a good idea to include how best to keep your child safe, these pages should also focus around how to engage and have fun with your little one. 

All About Me pages for health professionals 

Meeting a new doctor or therapist? There may be a lot of complex information you need to share.  

This would usually happen in your first appointment. But these conversations can make our kids uncomfortable. A detailed All About Me page emailed beforehand can work wonders. 

It can really cut down on the information gathering stage of an initial consult, so you’ll have more time to discuss the stuff that’s really important to your family.  

Aside from medical information, child-first details can really help a new health professional break the ice and initiate conversations, making our kids feel much more comfortable and engaged. 

Also check out our article on Writing your child’s medical history, which is really helpful for first meetings with health professionals. 

All About Me pages are a great tool to add to your belt. Ultimately, they spotlight the things that are important to our kids; that put those gorgeous smiles on their faces and that twinkle in their eyes!  


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