The Good Life: Bridie


“The good life to me means to live life to the fullest on my own, terms supported by the people who love me. To excel in anything that I put my efforts into and be loved and heard.” – Bridie Louden⁠⁠

The happiest moment in my life was when we bought our new puppy Bundy bear. He is the most favourite thing in my life and I love him so much. He is now 3 years old and he is very crazy and a little bit naughty. When I am feeling down my Mum and my Dad and my Bundy bear give me lots of huggles and kisses. ⁠⁠

My mum is the most influential person in my life, she guides me through every day. Mum and I are very good friends and we do everything together. ⁠⁠

Building a good life to me is about having options and opportunities to live my life the way I would like to live it and to do things that I love and spend time with all of the special people in my life. ⁠⁠

I hope my future looks bright and exciting. I just want to have lots of birthday parties and celebrate life. I would like to work at Officeworks someday. ⁠

In our social media series #StoriesOfTheGoodLife we explore what a good life means for people with disability. People from all walks of life, living rich, full and meaningful lives on their own terms.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.    


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