THRIVARY: Help your child thrive

November 10, 2022
By Stacey Touma

A message from Stacey, Kindred CEO

⁠⁠”I remember how overwhelmed I felt when my son Alex was identified with developmental concerns at a few months old. I went straight into seekership mode and was up all hours of the night, trawling the internet to find information to help me better understand his disability. I didn’t understand what best-practice approaches were or how to find reliable sources of trusted information. ⁠⁠

This is why I am excited about the Thrivary App from Reimagine Australia, the leading Australian body for early childhood outcomes for young children with a developmental delay or a disability and their families, since 1986.⁠⁠

THRIVARY is free and provides verified evidence-based information and resources on all things early childhood development. You can also use the App to find trusted peer groups and community groups. Plus, a series of learning modules on the different stages of early childhood development.⁠⁠”

Find out more:

Download THRIVARY in the App Store or Google Play.


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