Return to school after lockdown

October 1, 2021
By Kindred
Schoolgirl Holding Her Mothers Hand On The Way To School

With the news of lockdown lifting and children returning to the classroom, many parents across New South Wales will be thinking about what this means for their child and how they can prepare them for the transition back to school.

While this news may be exciting for some, many parents, including parents of children with disability, may be nervous about their child’s return to school and be curious as to how they can support them to ensure a smooth transition back to the classroom.

As parents and carers of children with disability, we know that it’s not as simple as dropping your child at school. A transition back to the classroom requires preparation, not just for the child but for the whole family.

Julie Cowmeadow, Speech Pathologist, and Kate Ford, Educator and parent of a child with disability, share strategies that families can implement to prepare for a positive return to the classroom.

Working in partnership with the school

Kate and Julie discuss the importance of working in partnership with your child’s school, to enable your child to feel safe, secure and supported as they return to the school environment.

The COVID safe school environment

Hear Kate talk about the health and safety practices that schools will be implementing, to minimise the risk of transmission within the school setting and how you can prepare your child.

Re-establishing home routines

Julie shares what parents can do to help their child prepare for returning to school and providing insight into what parents can do to get organised for their students returning to school.

Rebuilding friendships and peer connections

Julie discusses the importance of connecting your child with their peers and how you can rebuild friendships prior to your child returning to school.

Making the decision to return your child to school

Many parents may be feeling anxious about returning their child to school. Hear Kate and Julie discuss how parents can make an informed decision about sending their child back to school.

Tips on preparing your child for their return to the clasroom

To prepare children and support their social and emotional needs, there are a number of strategies that parents can implement to prepare for a positive return to the classroom. Read our tips to learn more.


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