Representation in the Media – A Panel Event

April 23, 2022
Community and Inclusion
By Kindred

“As children, we observe the world around us in order to make meaning of our own lives, identities, and experiences. When we see people we can relate to and look up to, it helps us create a sense of self.” – Sheena Brevig  
Why does disability representation in the media matter? It’s a concept that you may not have considered as a parent or caregiver raising a child with disability or developmental delay. Disability representation in all forms of media can lead to more inclusion and influence the way people with disability, including our children, see themselves.  
Hear from our panel, all with lived experience, as they discussed:   

  • Why does representation matter?  
  • How it can teach children about inclusion and acceptance and its impact on their sense of self.   
  • The role parents play in teaching their children about diversity 
  • How positive stories promote positive attitudes at home and in the community.   

Panellists include:  

  • Deb Herbert (Host), Kindred  
  • Eliza Hull, Musician and Author  
  • Lisa Cox, Author and Presenter  
  • Joni Campbell, Bus Stop Films   

This panel discussion will leave you inspired and with a greater understanding of the need for positive representation.

Please find an audio only version below:


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