Including the voice of your child: building independence and flourishing

September 11, 2020
Advocacy and Leadership
By Kindred

In 2019, Kindred partnered with Plumtree Children’s Services and Now & Next to host the Family Conference: Small steps, giant leaps.

The keynote panel topis was ‘Including the voice of your child: building independence and flourishing.

Our panel discussed the ways that families can encourage, incorporate, and include their child in decision-making and planning by asking the questions: Why should we include children in the decisions that affect them? What is our role to promote this? How can children be integral members of their teams, even when they are very young? In what ways can children express their views in therapy, home and community environments?

Listen and learn how we can explore how our children can flourish through developing independence in their own lives.

Chair: Dr Melanie Heyworth

Panel members: Marlena Katene; Kylieanne Derwent; Melo Kalemkeridis; Jordan O’Reilly; Jodie Laughton

The Family Conference brings together families of children with disabilities and their allies. The presentations aim to inspire, educate and empower families in building a good life. The conference also celebrates people with a disability who are making a difference in their community


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