Building a community around our child

June 22, 2020
Community and Inclusion
By Kindred
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Sometimes our children need some help to build a community around them so that friendships are encouraged to blossom.

We spoke to Nerida, mum to Madi, who shared the strategies she used that laid the foundations of community and friendships for her daughter and family. She also shared practical ways other families can support their child to develop friendships in the community.

Nerida is an accomplished chartered accountant and is FInance Director at Taste Creative which is an inclusive creative agency that produces films and documentaries that focuses on inclusive themes and content.

Nerida says nothing has been more rewarding than her role as a mother to 11 y.o. Madison and the work she is doing as a passionate public advocate for rare diseases, disability, inclusion and medicinal cannabis for intractable epilepsy. Her advocacy sees her speaking regularly with media and local, state and federal politicians, most notably Mike Baird the then NSW Premier and Anthony Albanese.

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