A Father to Look Up to

December 7, 2021
By Kindred

Research indicates that in most situations, mothers are often the primary carers in families of children with disability, but what about the role of fathers.

Hear from our panels of fathers as they discussed:

  • how they adjusted to change in what they thought their parenting role would be
  • the benefits of being involved in your child’s development and the contribution that fathers can make
  • how a father’s involvement in family life can enhance relationship satisfaction and overall family functioning.
  • what women want from their partners/children’s father; a trustworthy, mutually respectful, and communitive relationship
  • a reflective word of advice from fathers with lived experience raising children with disability

This discussion will open your eyes to the positive influence fathers have on their children’s development. You will hear first-hand experiences of how a father’s engagement helped their child and family thrive. And how fathers play an integral role in living a happy, healthy family life.


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