Welcome from the CEO

Welcome to the Kindred Community.

As a caregiver of a child with a developmental delay, disability, or medical need, life can get overwhelming. There’s no guide, no rulebook. But while every family journey is unique and full of beautiful unknowns, no journey needs to be travelled alone.

Kindred is an uplifting, supportive and informative community made by families, for families of children with disability, developmental delays and medical needs. Which means we’ve been where you are now. Whether you’re just starting out on your journey, or you’re at a point of transition in your child’s life, know that we get it. And we’ve got you.

Your journey will be full of joy and beauty. There will be struggles and challenges, but with helpful guidance and support from families who have travelled a similar path, your family will discover a future full of possibility.

Through our free programs, trusted resources, and supportive community, we help families just like yours to build the skills, knowledge and confidence that will see your child and family thrive.

Let our experience guide you.

Stacey Touma

CEO, Kindred

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